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There in the service of restoration and binding for the execution of the binding

for the books is used the specialized equipment which makes it possible to achieve the high quality of the work done. Also the workers of the service use the artistic embellishment of

the binding using the graphic computer programme.

            As for today, the preservation of modern books is an important task for the custodians and restorers, and the fond which is in constant reader circulation is most vulnerable to mechanical damages. And the work for the preservation of such a fond needs the qualified specialists as well as the modern materials and equipment.

            There into the work of the service is successfully inculcated the process of decorative embellishment of the binding with the use of Photoshop designer programme. The original of the partially destroyed cover is treated and restored in the graphic programme, depending upon the type of the binding there is produced a new cover made from a thin carton the size of 170 up to 250 gr/m3 or paper vinyl as a result of which it is possible to preserve the author’s idea of the edition’s design and provide integrity and the aesthetical outward appearance of the book.

            The use of specialized equipment also plays an important role for the binding. During the process of sewing, pressing, restoration of the sheet book block, during the manual manufacturing of the binding covers there is used the following equipment:

-          The scoring machine (the scorer). Scoring is one of the constantly used operations in the after-print polygraphic and binding productions. When it is necessary to give the material (carton or paper) a certain bend or one is to mark the place in which the material is to be bent or folded subsequently. During the scoring there are executed two very important tasks: the place of bending is even, right in the right place and what is of no less importance – the scorer does not disturb the filament structure of the working material and the bending takes place without damage or creasing. The same thing takes place with the digital print materials – after the treatment with the scoring machine there considerably lessens the possibility of appearance of spallings of the upper paint layer in the places of folding and the bending becomes more presentable, tear and wear-proof for excessive bends.

-          The sewing device is used while sewing the book blocks. Its task is to fix and strain gauze, ribbon or cords which are used to sew together the notebooks of the block.

-          The crimping devices (the vices), the crimping press are used during the sewing through and the treatment of the backbones of the book blocks, crimping and pressing,

the cutting of the blocks, notebooks and treatment of the binding lids etc.

The sabre cutter for paper and carton is the indispensable attribute of the modern binding shop.

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29.11.14 On November 27-28, 2014 the head of the conservation service B.Sh. Sarsenbayeva participated in the international scientific-practical conference “The tendencies and prospects of the cultural integration” in Astana city.
21.07.14 The specialists from the republican state enterprise “Gylym ordasy” (Almaty city) K.T.Zhurmanova and N.D.Kurmangaliyeva, and also Sh.O.Oralbekov from the state semi-official enterprise “Rukhaniyat – Abu Nasir al-Farabi murazhayi” (Otrar city, the Southern-Kazakhstani region) received certificates about the finishing the School of conservation and restoration of written documents. The study course included the theoretical and practical lessons on the conservation-restoration processes.
28.04.14 From April 21 to 25, 2014 there was carried out the training of the specialists K.T.Zhurmanova, N.D.Kurmangaliyeva from the Republican state enterprise “Gylym ordasy” (Almaty city) and Sh.O.Oralbekov from the state semi-official enterprise “Rukhaniyat – Abu Nasir al-Farabi museum” (Otrar city, the Southern-Kazakhstani region) at the School of conservation and restoration of written documents.