The programme of study courses

The schedule of studies at the School of conservation and restoration of written documents in 2015

The Programme of training courses
The restoration of documents

The organization of the workplace, instruments and equipment
The technics of labour safety
The kinds and methods for the manufacturing of glue
The methods of restoration of books on the paper basis
The methods of restoration of elements of the binding
The peculiarities of restoration materials
The peculiarities of restoration of rare books and manuscripts
The toning of restoration paper
The manufacturing of marble paper

The binding of documents

The equipment and materials for binding
The kinds and methods of the binding
The manufacturing of modern binding
The basics of graphic design of bindings in Photoshop programme
The peculiarities of leather bindings
The restoration of leather elements of the binding
The manufacturing of the composite leather binding
The manufacturing of the whole-sewn leather binding
The manufacturing of “The French binding”
The peculiarities of braiding of captals
The peculiarities of restoration by the method of manual pouring in of paper pulp of the lost parts of the sheet.

The conservation of documents

The physical-chemical and biological stabilization of documents
The regime of storage of documents
The temperature-humid, light, sanitary-hygienic regimes
The technology of disinfectant treatment of documents
The control of parameters (of measurement) of environment
The scientific basics of conservation of documents
The causes and kinds of damages of documents
The chemical, mycological and entomological control of documents
The methods of neutralization of paper
The determination of pH, bleaching, chemical cleansing
The organization of the service of conservation in the library
The actions in extreme situations
The preservation of non-paper carriers of information
The preventive conservation
The phase conservation
The microbiological and micro-chemical analyses of documents