About the school

The information about the school

   The school of conservation and restoration of written documents is organized on the basis of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

   The school is an educational platform for the specialists of libraries, museums and archives in the implementation of the state policy for the provision of preservation of the fonds. The basis of the School is the department of conservation and department of restoration and binding of the National library of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
   The purpose: the Preservation of the documentary heritage of the people of Kazakhstan.

   The tasks:
• The teaching of a literate and professional approach in the preservation of the universal fonds of Kazakhstan. The acquaintance with the purposes and tasks of the IFLA Core Programme “Preservation and conservation”;
• The perfection of the traditional and mastering of the modern technologies and scientific achievements while carrying out the works for the preservation of the fonds;
• The formation of the renewed understanding of the functioning of the system of preservation and conservation  for the purposes of long-term preservation of written documents and all the fonds of Kazakhstan for future generations;
• The inculcation and propagation of the world best experience  and innovations in the sphere of restoration of written documents;
• The professional qualification upgrading of the conservators and custodians and the perfection of professional mastery of the restorers of documentary heritage.

   The school recruits the specialists from among the restorers and custodians of the library, archival and museum fonds, who wish to raise their professional knowledge. In the course of the training there will be introduced the courses in conservation, restoration of printed and manuscript documents, the binding of Oriental and Western-European books etc. after the finishing of the course there will be issued certificates to the students.

Applications are received by the address:
050013, Almaty city, Abai av., 14
or by electronic mail: org@nlrk.kz
tel./ fax: +7 (727) 267-28-83, 267-31-82, 272-06-19